How to use SEO

SEO is one of the hot topics in Digital marketing. It’s been a subject of curiosity for all those Publishers who wants their site to be ranked on top pages on Search Engines. When a newbie blogger publishes their blog online, they just do it for fun. But when they realize the visitors are going to find their website through Google. They do a self search for their blogs and find themselves nowhere on search results. At this point of time one question which will triggered in their mind is


When a blog or website is created it doesn’t get in search results as soon as it’s get published. It may take 2 day, 2 months or even more than a year.
It’s all depends on the extent your site is SEO friendly. Now how can a website will be SEO friendly as soon as it gets online. Well there are many factors we can take into consideration as How Your Site is designed, What Content you site is having, How your meta tags are placed, How the navigation on your site is set up and lots of things.
We’ll discuss each of this thing on my blog. Which will help you then decide how you can make you site SEO friendly.

Your Site Design

When I say Site Design I doesn’t mean by site looks. The site design means how your site have been developed internally or site backend.
What are the scripts have been used to make your site. It may include HTML, Javascript, PHP, ASP and even more scripts. The Basic language or script which is used to design a website is called HTML. If your site is completely based on HTML it gets more leverage for Search Engines. WHY?
HTML is very simple and clear language which can be easily traced and indexed by Search Engines crawlers. HTML site takes less time to get scrutinized and allow the SE’s to index them quickly.

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