Hi All,

My Name is Nitin and I'm a passionate acoustic guitarist.

I've designed this website for those who would like to listen and watch the videos of hindi guitar songs or bollywood guitar songs. I am intermediate accoustic guitar player who loves to play all bollywood songs on guitar, specially which are played on accoustic guitar. I am posting all guitar songs videos on my websites. These are mostly bollywood movies, songs, hindi songs and stuff like that. Please see the video section for my guitar videos. Also I will be posting latest and old hindi songs guitar tabs, notes and chords.

Let me tell you about my Guitar story. In 2009 when my brother bought guitar for himself, I didn't even knew they we called it. In fact I had never seen guitar before. He had some lessons from his friend and he liked it to play. I started to play the tabs but the string were very hard to press. But gradually I got used to it and with few practice techniques from my brother I used to play any songs notes in 2 months. For 6 months it was like my everyday practice for about at least 2 hours to play hindi songs notes. But I had no idea how to play the chords. So I started to search on Internet and finally I got some useful guitar learning ebooks that helped me to learned Chord progression.

I am trying to learn solo guitar. Right hand finger picking more specifically.